about Open Heart Healing

My name is Sharon Adamsky. In 2011, after a few years of receiving RCT as a client, I began practitioner training with Herwig (the developer of RCT) and Kerstin Schoen. I have been attending training classes since then. In 2017 I felt called to open my own practice and share this amazing modality with others.

ReConnective Therapy (RCT) is a healing modality that works with the energy body.

Your energy body contains the information of physical body structure and function as well as the force to organize matter accordingly. This information of physical body structure and function exists in two different aspects: “as is” and “perfection.” RCT is a way to connect information from perfection into the physical, emotional, or mental body, thus facilitating healing.

Because it works through resonance, RCT is non-invasive.

RCT allows you the opportunity to connect to more of your true essence, bringing healing into your life on physical, emotional, and mental levels. With RCT, your body and Higher-Self choose the work to be done. I create the environment for this to take place.

Shift the energy creating a situation and you open yourself to healing.


Click the link below to view a video of Herwig Schoen speaking about RCT and how it works.